Sunday, February 26, 2006


I guess no one outside of Richmond would know this, but I figured I'd post it anyways. Okay, so there's a bear exhibit at Maymont. (It's a nice place.) They've got free reign around a pond, rocs, trees, whatever. There are two bears inside, separated from the public by a 10 foot (8 foot?) chain link fence, as well as a wooden fence in front of that. It's been there about 25 years, and there have been no accidents. (The current bears have been there for like, 6 years.) A few days ago, a four year old managed to get past the wooden fence. The parents were obviously doing something more important than watching the little tyke around two freaking BEARS. So he sticks his hand in the chain-link fence, (he'd just eaten an apple, so a bear picked up the scent) and -surprise!- he get's bitten. Just enough to break the skin, he didn't even need stitches. They weren't sure which bear did it, so they had to kill both of them in order to run the proper rabies tests. Lemme be clear- I don't blame the staff of Maymont in any way. They did what they had to do, according to protocol. The parents, on the other hand. . . Eh, I've ranted enough . The point is, those bears got a raw deal here, and I feel for them. (Even though they're dead.)

So, I turned an old picture of one into a stencil. (freehand) I haven't really done any spraypainting before, so this first one came out pretty bad. If you want to see some actually GOOD stuff, try . COmic goes up as soon as I scan it.


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