Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This is not an accurate depiction of a Green Day fan. A true fan wouldn't say excuse me, they'd just grunt and try not to trip over their pant's legs.

Alternative Joke:

Their trousers are obscenely large and have to many zippers on them. You've just been served.

Alternative Joke:

Dang, if Green Day were 10 years older, they could have become classic rock.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Based on a true story. Not really.

It turns out that just because I read 30+ webcomics a day, it doesn't mean I know crap about web design. So I took a page from the book of Jeffrey Rowland, and used Blogger to create a webpage for my comics. (Jeffrey Rowland is ) Richmond, and you should already know this, is the capital of Virginia. It is a pretty great place to be! I will try to flesh out this claim throughout my comic, Welcome to Richmond. Although the main WTR page is a blog comic, there will soon be other webcomics of a different nature hanging around here. Blue Ink Comic, Sally and the Swamp Thing, Space Pig, and they're all for you! . . . Until I can trick you poor saps into unwittingly buying merchandise of the same "free" comics advertised, slowly draining your life force and wallet through insanely awesome shirts and things. Anyways, WTR should adhere to a 2 comics a week minimum schedule. As of yet, I do not know which days of the week this will actually take place on. Some of the other comics I've promised are easier to draw, (BIC) and some are much harder, (SP) so that schedule will be the same, a promised number of updates each month or week, but no set dates.

Now the part of the blog where I talk coherently is over. After this, most posts will be routinely beamed directly into the computer via the brain, then ended with a loooooooong stream of incoherent gibberish that will secretly alter your brainwaves, making them more susceptible to the sweet, mind numbing embrace of Mother Internet. Also send me money. Pens are expensive. is nice. You should go there maybe?