Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Classmate Elvis! Need a random character to fill up space? Classmate Elvis! A priest/rabbi in Vegas? Classmate Elvis! A disturbing birthday party for a 6 year old? Classmate Elvis!

This will undoubtedly be the first in a long series of thinly veiled rip-offs of other comics. Today's unconsenting guest is Rob and Elliot! It is a comic that will make you happy and want to dance to Queen underneath the rainbows! It reminds me of Caffeinated Swedish Fish Flavor Cluster Death Bombs which is a delicious candy that mostly does not exist. It lmost takes my mind off of the Decemberists concert in DC that I missed by one day. I have a curse that only allows me to find out when cool things happen the exact day after. Help me fight this crippling magic by commenting and making me feel like a special boy.